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Isaacson for Congress 2016 | I accept no money from lobbyists, constituents.

Isaacson: Constituents 100% Lobbyists 0% - Current Congressman: Constituents 39% and Lobbyists 61%

The Campaign Strategy

Elect a Congressman who will NOT sell his soul to the lobbyists




Why Steve Isaacson is running for Congress in the 3rd District of Arkansas
Constituents have everything to gain and nothing to lose by supporting Isaacson

Congress is bought and sold like stocks on Wall Street. They won't present us as long as they is a two party system operating as a duopoly. A duopoly is simply a monopoly with two wings, right and left, in order to deceive the people. They call themselves Republicans and Democrats when in fact, they are just Fascists. As an independent candidate, Steve Isaacson is free to serve the people 100% and the Fascists 0%. Friends, Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations (PTMCs) could care less about ant country. They only care about how much income they can milk from the people on the planet. They legal bride our Congressmen and Senators with campaign contributions and many other perks. Steve is a red-blooded American, who served his country when it called. he is still willing to serve his country, as long as he can help restore America. To do so requires Congressmen who are loyal to the people, the cities and the counties he represents, not the Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations. (PTMCs) Thomas Jefferson said, "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." Steve Isaacson has a country and it is America. Isaacson lives a simple life and has no dream or aspirartions to become the next warmongering tycoon. If elected, he agrees to limit his service to a maximum of 3 terms and then step down. During his time in Congress, he plans on training the next Congressman to serve in the 3rd Congressional District to carry on the new tradition. Isaacson believes so much in term limits he refuses to serve for more time that he believes in as he does not believe is well served by a permanent politcial class. Thomas Jefferson warned us of the danger of a permanent political class. Isaacson likes the idea that Justice of the Supreme Court should serve 8 year terms and stand for re-election but even better, he likes the idea of one 6 year term. We are not well served by a permanent judicial class. Even a president should only serve one 4 or 6 year term. The second term of two term presidents has not been all that successful. The Supreme Court no longer does its job by what the constitution says, but by adhering to various political doctrines of one sort or another. It is so difficult to impeach anyone, due to the permanant political class, that our nation suffers constant regression. Every long journey begins with the first step. Electing Steve Isaacson is that first step. If you agree that it is time to return the government to the people by taking it away from the permanent political class, please make campaign contributions and share our campaign information with everyone you know. Contact others who can spare $5, $10, $15, $20, even $100 or more per month to help make that first step to replacing the permanent political class.

  • Fair Treatment of Veterans

    The current Congressman of the Arkansas 3rd Congressional District is not Campaigning to fix the Veterans Administration. Nor would he help certain veterans who specifically asked for his help. I have that documented. I will make sure that all veterans are treated fairly and promptly by campaigning on their behalf. Both my opponent and I are veterans. He refuses to address the "systemic VA problems, I won't refuse. I had a veteran who was ignored at a VA hospital and was left in his feces and urine. When this veteran asked the Congressman for help, the current Congressman ignored him and when the veteran started pleading for help at the VA, the current Congressman called the capital police to actually file a complaint while the veteran was here in Arkansas, unable to even go to Washington, DC. He eventually passed away and I oversaw his funeral.

  • Increase the GNP 75% to pay our way out of debt and help our families, and local governments

    The current Congressman is trying for the second time to pass an Internet Sales tax at the behest of certain Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations. Yet, he refused to Domestically Privately held Corporations, Medium and Small Businesses create more domestic jobs by making it possible for growing and starting enterprises to be on an equal footing with Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations (Big Corporations) who hired lobbyists to buy the favors of our current Congressman. Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer. U.S. GDP is just $16 trillion instead of $54 trillion and my opponent has done nothing to help American Businesses expand and everything to help them shrink.

  • Support the FairTax and Repeal the IRS

    Americans are poorer because our tax system is bleeding them dry. Small businesses, which generate 75% of the jobs is stagnated by a tax system that favors Publicly Traded Multinational Corporations, who pay no taxes on their unrepatriated profits. See this link for an over-view of what I am talking about. http://tiny.cc/3rk6zx Walmart is not creating made in America jobs by purchasing made in America goods. That will be changed when the FairTax is passed. The current Congressman refuses to support the FairTax because that would put small companies on par with big companies. It would increase the take home pay of Americans immediately by 35% vastly increase the number of Americans employed. My opponent refuses the opportunity to help his own constituents but I won't. I support the FairTax for every common sense reason there is.

  • Crumbling Infrastructure

    My opponent, the current Congressman refuses to help the crumbling infrastructure and as a result our cities are full of decay and blight. By replacing the Internal revenue code and the IRS with the FairTax, city and county budgets can be restored to levels required to repair and rebuild the decay experienced all over America and the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas.

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