200,000 Homeless Veterans


But Who Cares?  

Steve Isaacson Cares Steve003

Join the Isaacson Army to help put the pressure on to rescue these homeless veterans.  War is hell on the mental condition of all soldiers.  Many need treatment but instead are shunned by the power elite in Washington, DC and by greedy politicians here at home.

What Difference Does it Make?


It makes a world of difference to the veteran and his or her family.  With psychiatric war injuries, treatment is needed but most of all simple caring and understanding matters most.  These soldiers witness man’s inhuman treatment of mankind in devastating detail, unimaginable by most normal folks.  The nightmares are incredible and frequent.  Without war against evil doers, no one would survive but the devil himself.

However, many soldiers also are neglected as useless pawns by the Plutocrats in Washington, DC and the ever present limousine liberals in Congress.  It is only but the pressure of many, that any meaningful honor is bestowed upon those who serve to preserve our homeland.

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