What Difference Does it Make?


Why I am Running for Congress

Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels

In questioning before Congress, regarding the fallen Americans in Benghazi, Hillary Rodham Clinton is world famous for saying, “What difference does it make?”

It matter so much to me, that I have decided to answer her question and show her what difference it makes. I am going to Washington, not just to protest, which is something she will ignore, but to fix what she and her kind have damaged and destroyed.

In short, I am putting my action in place of her arrogance.

I do not seek power or fame. My reason for running for Congress is that I do not feel like the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District nor the citizens of Arkansas state nor the citizens of the nation are being served by the bitter partisan policies that have left the US Congress in a quagmire.

Here is some of what I believe:

  • Being fiscally conservative and believing in less government with more accountability.
  • Realizing that the challenges and opportunities that face the US today are of an international scope.
  • The future of this country depends on our ability to turn out highly qualified and skilled young people from our high schools and universities. I vow to increase the competency of our youth, particularly in the areas of foreign language, math and science where we have fallen behind many third world countries on
    international tests in those areas.  This means the Federal Government must take a hands off approach to education and trust local school boards, and local universities to compete to turn out better qualified graduates.  A “one size fits all approach by a central government always fails.  It fails from lack of competition.  It is competition that breeds innovation.  It is innovation that breeds success.
  • I strongly believe we should secure our nation’s borders and ports.

MVote for Isaacson in 2016y entry into politics was decided when I discovered that the Veterans and other constituents in District 3 were not being represented as they should be.  This is the caused by central planning done by know-it-all big government.  The personal tough gets lost in the misdirected mindsets of endless bureaucrats who think government exists to generate a lucrative paycheck for them.  Constituent service takes a backseat the empire building.


This problem is all over the nation and I know I will work for the people not the people work for me. I already have an open door and an open mind policy.  The principle I function by is to not leave no one behind.  In real life, I already do some of the work that a Congressional office should be doing as many veterans can attest.

I will not be a big government Congressman, but a grassroots Congressman.  

I have no other goals now or in the future but to be the best that I can be for all of you.  I am never going to run for higher office, even if asked.  I am not going to make my time as your Congressman a career.  I have already had that and done that.  I do not need this office.  I feel the call of duty to serve, train replacements and go back home, having my duty to replace an ineffective Congressman with my effective replacement, whoever than will be.  If you have an interest in becoming my replacement, then be all means consider joining my campaign now and the 3rd Congressional staff after we begin to manage the people’s office.  It will never be my office.  My office is at home.  I go to the people’s office to serve because duty calls.

This website has a lot of reading but all is educational, not like some others that were or are running for an office. You can see that you can access my Facebook pages and speak your mind. You will not be there alone. when you get a reply the reply that is from me not anyone else.

This Campaign is your Campaign not mine. remember that.

I am responding to the call to call to action.  That is why I am taking action today.  As you will notice, I am not being coy about anything.  Why beat around the bush? Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Elect me and let me work for you.

Steve Isaacson

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