Secession is American

America was Created by Secession Why I am Endorsing Steve Isaacson Guest Editorial by Ron Bartels Recently, Ron Paul stirred the pot with his positive comment regarding the secession movements taking place all around the world. Click here to read the coverage. In an essay on his eponymous institution’s website Sunday, the former U.S. congressman[…]

Agenda 21 vs Sustainable Freedom

Agenda 21 vs Sustainable Freedom Voter Education and Action Series Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels My Opponent has not yet stood up to Agenda 21 Agenda 21 is Invading America The antithesis is Sustainable Freedom Agenda 21 is a comprehensive cover plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally.  Agenda 21[…]

When a Veteran Is Injured by the VA: The Federal Torts Claims Act.

When you are injured by a VA doctor or other employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you have two legal remedies available to you. You can file a claim with the VA for disability compensation (commonly referred to as a Section 1151 claim), and/or you can seek money damages under the Federal Torts[…]

Arkansas Congressional District 3

The Reasons Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels The Reality Check I am running for the people of Arkansas Congressional District 3 and my countrymen.  In reality, every Congressional vote effects every citizen, every where in the United States and in other nations as well. Recently Recently I met a gentleman who described[…]