Arkansas Congressional District 3


The Reasons

Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels

The Reality Check

I am running for the people of Arkansas Congressional District 3 and my countrymen.  In reality, every Congressional vote effects every citizen, every where in the United States and in other nations as well.


Recently I met a gentleman who described his frustration with current representation. He said, “I can’t get through to my Representative. I don’t get returned calls or emails. It is frustrating.” That needs to change. After all, isn’t a Representative obligated to be in touch with the people of our district?Since my current Congressman is the one not paying attention to the ordinary folks who need help, I am running because I believe Arkansas Congressional District 3 deserves a Representative who listens, is accessible and shares the traditional values of Northwest Arkansas.

Showing a Temper – When Respect Was Needed

The Scandals

Like many of you, I have watched scandal after scandal exposed in Arkansas as well as in Washington. Northwest Arkansas isn’t exempt from corruption, broken trust, and lack of ethical behavior. It would be easy to sit back and complain but then I’m an action type of guy.

My Reactions

Several months ago I decided I could no longer sit on the sidelines and throw my shoes at the TV set and turn off my computer. Doing nothing is not an option. I do not, in any way, want to make this a career. Two-Three terms at most because I believe in term limits, the one of you will have to take over.

Self Imposed Term Limits

During the short time I’m serving you, I want you guys to train to take over and stand in. Learn the ropes, especially how to raise enough money to win without selling out to special interests. I am running for Arkansas Congressional District 3 State Representative because I am compelled to do so, because you deserve better.  I am not doing this to become powerful, but to change the way my countrymen are being served.  It seems, that the vast majority of laws are passed to make taxpayers serve special interests.  If you don’t agree, then don’t join the team.

People are tired of Choosing between the lessor of two evils.

When good guys step up to the plate, they get smeared and berated and attacked so they don’t want to run.  I understand that.  But I can endure this for a few years so long as I know you guys are going to help find my replacement.  Arkansas needs solid conservative Republicans with the courage to stand up to bullying. I will not be bullied by the Party nor by lobbyists. My staff can handle to lobbyists while the remainder of my staff and I serve the people directly.

The last thing we need is someone who says one thing then does another.

Washington, DC corrupts people who want to make this job a career.  I don’t and that is a major difference.  Arkansas needs solid, independent minded, constitutional conservative Republicans, who believe in increasing liberty and reducing tyranny. There are more laws that need to be taken out than new ones to be put in. Only an insane person would expect that you could keep doing things the same old way and get different results.

There are plenty of bad laws that need to go.

Without repealing bad laws and replacing others with good laws that are constitutional, there is no other way to prevent further disaster and ruin within our state and our nation.

Arkansas needs solid conservative Republicans with the courage to oppose laws that place Arkansans in a position of greater dependency on State and Federal programs. We need more good paying careers, not more public dole.

  • I will represent you by being a courageous conservative
  • I will stand for what is right, wholesome and true
  • I will stand against poor leadership in my government (local, state and national)
  • I will continue to be a proud American seeking to influence my generation and future generations
  • I will speak up and hold my ground
  • I believe in a strong United States of America and individual State Rights under the U.S. Constitution

Too Many Taxes – The Internet Sales Tax

Congressman Didn’t Think We Were Taxed Enough – Backs Big Business – Blames Small Businesses – The Internet Sales Tax

You will here Congressman Womack, who promised not to raise taxes, yet he backs a new tax and says it is not raising taxes.  Does that make sense?  He even admits it is his bill.  But, was it really the Walmart Bill?

Wrong Direction

If you believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction, then this is your campaign.  Many hands make light work.  Regardless of how little you can do, we all need you.  Most of the work is online but we need greeters for events and people who can make great coffee and a mean batch of cookies.  We need event organizers everywhere in the District.

I’m Ordinary

My credentials are ordinary.  On the other hand, my hearts aches for my countrymen, for my veterans, for college students who want good careers.  For high school graduates who want skilled training in a vocations so they can support a family on one income if needed.  For high school drop outs who are ready to get back in the game and get a career.

Can You Hand the Straight Talk?

I keep hearing that 50% of college graduates can’t find a decent job.  This is because we have shipped far too many jobs offshore.  The tax plan I’m supporting will bring more than enough jobs back.  There will even be enough jobs to keep immigrants busy so they don’t cut in front of natural born and naturalized Americans.

Racism Sucks

I’m probably going to be called a racist but the only race I see is the human race.  But I see the human race has been treated without ordinary dignity while the powerful elite are treated like royalty.  We need a culture change in our nation.  Join this campaign and let us get started, one voter at a time.


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