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Isaacson for Congress 2016

Constituents First - Lobbyists Last

What I Believe

I still hold these truths to be self-evident.

All Men Are Created Equal.

They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Throughout the world, people dare to dream of freedom and opportunity. That is why we attract so many legal and illegal aliens. Legal aliens, it has been discovered, tend over time to become conservative, libertarian or conservatarian in their political beliefs.

They are difficult to attarct to dependency on government, simply because they came here to become financially independent, so they are difficult for Marxists in the Democratic Party to attract.

Because of their dreams, they are also difficult for Fascists in the Republican Party to attract because they don't like the special rules multinational corporations carve out to protect themselves from new small business upstarts. Most legal immigrants come here to start and own their own business. That is their dream these days. That was also the dream of our founding fathers.

Republican candidates, who are not Fascists, but who are conservatives or conservatarians or libertarians can attarct these voters. I understand these voters and the dynamics that attaracted these voters.

Democrats want to bring in illegal aliens who are attarcted to governemnt handouts. RINO Republicans want to get the votes of illegal aliens to serve the Fascists who want below market labor.

That is why I like legal immigrantion and oppose illegal immigration. I am a conservative Republican who loves personbal liberty so much you I also could consider myself a conservatarian.

This is why I want it known that constituents come first and lobbyists come last.

Why I am Running for Congress

Constituents First - Lobbyists Last

The Reason I am Running

The short answer is: "Because it isn't working."

More particularly, because the current, sitting Congressman has failed many veterans, he votes against the constitutional and conservative positions over 40% of the time. That means he is failing the people in the District.

Here is the link to the Heritage Scorecard to prove the point.

Womack votes the Fascist Platform rather than the Republican Platform. As you well know, Fascism is the collusion between Multinational Corporations (Big Business) and Big Government.

For example, Womack has voted for the Trade Treaties designed by the Multinational Corporations. Just like Hillary Clinton, Womack take big money from big corporations and it is them he is in office to please.

The Trade Treaties will mean the loss of millions of well paying jobs here in the United States. The jobs the trade treaties will create will be in at 11-14 other nations, at the expense of American Families, Small Businesses and specifically the 3rd Congressional District, which depends much more on Fair Trade than the so called Free Trade.

Free Trade is code for income tax free profits for Multinational Corporations. The Trade Treaties are in responce the the highest income tax rates in the developed world. I know that we have hve to do two things to get jobs returned to American Families and American Companies.

We have to lower taxes and install the FairTax in place of the corrupt IRS and the 10's of thousands of pages of special tax breaks in the Internal Revenue Code for Multinational Corporations.

The IRS is Broken

The IRC favors Multinational Corporations

The Fair Tax vs Bad Medicine

The main stream media is owned by major corporations. They have a monopoly on the dissemination of information.
Wealth concentration is made possible by the IRC (Internal Revenue Code), which is written by lobbyists employed by crony capitalists, who buy the souls of legislators, governors and presidents, to rip off the working man and the micro capitalists.

This is why we have toxins in our vaccines. They advertise all manner of nasty compounds they call medicines, some of which make the legal industry very profitable. Meanwhile, we are the pawns and the serfs.

When our nation was founded, there were plenty of enterprises but no perpetual corporations, not one. Today, perpetual corporations never die so they never pay death taxes. But they want you to pay death taxes and they have plenty of hired Democrats and hired Republicans to make sure these scams remain in place. They need the 90,000 pages of the IRC to keep the status quo. They dread the growing popularity of the Fair Tax.

When the Fair Tax replaces the IRC, the incentives will be there to produce non-toxic vaccines.

Support the Fair Tax so the Fair Tax will support you.

The VA is Broken

The VA Must be Fixed

Organizations Fail When Listening Ends

Listen to the veterans: There is no substitute for listening to the clients. The same goes for our nation's veterans. A nationally representative survey of veterans accessing the VA health care system should be conducted immediately to fully understand the depth and breadth of the problems they have faced beyond long waiting periods for their appointments. It will also give the new VA leadership some informative data.

Together, we must get the facts, follow the evidence, listen to the veterans themselves, and we should use this as an opportunity for evidence-based, transformational change.
We made a promise to our military members and their families. The record shows we have failed to keep our word, we have failed the veterans.

The VA is so big, it fails. The VA must be downsized. Administration must be streamlined. Decision making must be prompt. Instead, the red tape has red tape and that red tape has red tape. it is a huge disgraceful mess.

It can't be fixed by adding more layers of red tape. All the layers of red tape must be removed. I will work with that goal in mind. I have been listening to veterans. I have experienced the red tape myself and personally suffered the consequences. I survived but 22 veterans per day commit suicide while others die waiting for the layers of red tape to be unwrapped.

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