Immigration Bill


Here is a simple but fair, one page,your vote counts 2

I hope you will support it and share it with all your contacts, both of your senators and your own Congressman.

A Great Immigration Bill Would Do All of the Following:

1. Seal the borders

Those wishing to remain in the United States:

2. Must register as an an alien with conditional status within 90 days. Failure to register within 90 days is a felony calling for immediate repatriation. Resisting arrest shall earn detention in Guantanamo Bay until their home nation will accept them.

3. Make sure there are jobs that can’t be filled by Americans first. 3 qualified American citizens, within the previous 7 working days, must certify they are qualified for the job in question and refuse the job in question before a qualified alien may apply for the job.

4. Must have suitable work skills or certify they are in an approved education program not funded by American Taxpayers.

5. Must have adequate civics understanding proven by testing or certify they are in a certified civics education program not funded by American Taxpayers.

6. Must have adequate language skills proven by testing or must certify they are they are in a certified language training program not funded by American Taxpayers.

7. Must be physically and mentally healthy proven by examination at their own expense.

8. Must have adequate resources available to them for survival other than taxpayer supports.

9. Must purchase at their own expense, adequate health insurance.

10. Failure to cooperate shall be cause for immediate repatriation without the right to return legally for 10 years. Commission of a crime in any state for which the maximum penalty is 5 years or greater shall be cause for repatriation for life.

Steve Isaacson

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