Misunderstandings: Reasons for the Military


U.S. Armed Forces – When and Why We Must Fight

Written by Steve Isaacson, Edited by Ron Bartels

Premise:  It seems that too few Congressmen and Senators understand the purpose of the United States Military:

  • They don’t know when to use it
  • They don’t know when not to use it

The Armed Forces of the United States are supposed to be used to help world peace. Much of the time, that is what they do. However, politicians with little understanding of human nature, like the current occupant of the White House and many legislators are simply clueless.

Of course downsizing the military to appease misguided political objectives, always backfires. It backfired for Jimmy Carter. It backfired for Bill Clinton and now it is backfiring for Barack Obama. We have many of our aircraft carriers sitting idle and have discarded certain military assets that have wound up in the hands of ISIL or ISIS.

Many pieces of military hardware have been issued to local law enforcement agencies instead of the border patrol. What sense does that make when the
Mexican Army, Mexican Coyotes  (people smugglers) and the Mexican Drug Cartels frequently cross over and invade our nation, unimpeded.

Logic says it is better to fight these folks on our border than in our back yards but then that would require clear thinking statesmen rather than common
politicians out for their own benefit but claiming to be patriotic. The best way to judge a politician is by his or her actions, not their rhetoric.

That deals with the overly corrupt politicians. But we also have many bystander politicians. These folks constantly tread water with their fingers in the
wind to see which way it is blowing at the moment.

That is what we have with the current occupant of the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas. His actions have been those of a bystander politician. He
regards his Congressional Office as a Career Seat, some sort of entitlement.  That is why he shows so little in the way of leadership. Bystanders  seldom make waves. It might cost them their seats, as if it was theirs to keep and did not belong to the people.

This is why he fits the description of a RINO, Republican In Name Only.

What is he doing to preserve the ability of the military to take out terrorists?  What legislation has he proposed to take on this lilly livered coward of a
president? (Oh, I’m not “supposed” to talk that way, am I?) It is not dignified, it is not holier than thou as some might say.

The status quo is not working my friends and we are long past due for a shakeup. Folks who were born with plastic spoons in their mouth and
wooden spoons on their butts, seem to better understand normal Americans a lot better than mucky mucks who were born with silver spoons in their mouth and the only time there was ever anything on their butts, it left lipstick behind.

The Consequences of Having a Congressman Who is Asleep at the Wheel

Back on February 26, 2013, in an ABC Story, Barack Obama is quoted as saying, “Obama Sequester Warning: Carriers Will Sit Idle When They Should Deploy to Persian Gulf.” But, they were not there to take care of ISIL or ISIS.

See report here: As you can well ascertain, Obama soon forgets what he says and our current Congressman fails to go after him for his failures as Commander in Chief. Should you choose me as your Congressman in 2016, you can count on me to stay after him and to sic the Isaacson Army on him.

I am asking you to pester Congressman Womack to man up and take action or you know someone who will. (That’s me)

Join the Isaacson Army today!

“Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other.” ~~ Ronald Reagan

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