Constructing a New Budgeting Process

Voter Education – Federal Budgeting

We Must Replace the Budgeting Process Congress Uses

A Brief History of the U.S. Budget Process

Written by Steve Isaacson from notes and commentary from Patrick Louis Knudsen a Visiting Fellow and Consultant in American Studies at The Heritage Foundation; Edited by Ron Bartels

A Poorly Run Budget Can Destroy Our Nation

We must examine where our present budget problems came from in order to make changes that make sense. No Family, County, City or State could long survive with the excuse we taxpayers have for a federal budget. That is the bad news. The good news is that the Congress, not the Senate nor the President is in charge of the budget, Congress is. Please read on.

Low Information Voters Exist

People's-Guide to the Federal Budget

People’s-Guide to the Federal Budget

Partially, it is because our education system not only teach far too little about civics, but badly skews civics in what it does try to pass off as voter education.

No child should reach adulthood and not understand how government works.  Government is the most expensive expense item every person will ever have.  The excessive cost of government is repriced into what we pay for every item or service we pay for, whether it is a home, a car, groceries, insurance or beverage, even water. – Read the People’s Guide to the Federal Budget

Do you see why voter education is so important?

Without voter education, voters make the best decisions they know how to make. The trouble is that almost all voters are under informed. This is why the
Isaacson Army is focusing so much time, effort and research into voter education. All you need to do is share each article with every one you know.  Enough of them will learn enough to be better informed, smarter voters. They will not be so easily side tracked by negative campaign ads.