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Fight the Uncrimes in Politics

What is an Uncrime?

Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels

An uncrime is a political practice that should be a crime but isn’t because deceptive practice are an unwelcome part of today’s politics.

The Affordable Care Act is but one example of an uncrime.  If a business were to write contracts with clauses that were later defined to the detriment of the client, it would be a chargeable offense everywhere I know except for in politics.

The video below is one example taking place here in Arkansas, right now.

It is time to outlaw legislation with hidden or deceptive practices.  Join the Isaacson Army to help fight uncrimes in politics.

Uncrimes should be Criminal!

Uncrimes are really crimes, were they done by citizens, in advertising or as a common business practice.  I am educating voters about uncrimes.  Please share this article with others, so that they may learn as well.

Take Action Now Vote No on Expanding Arkansas Term Limits!

On page 16 ¶ 3 of the 22 page issue, mislabeled as an ethics bill, is language that extends a State Representative’s maximum time in office from 6 years to 16 years.  That is long enough for a state politicians to commit hundreds of expensive uncrimes.  Remember, the most expensive item in every family budget is all the obvious and hidden costs of all the various big government agencies.  Stop the uncrimes beginning now!  Vote No on issue 3.

Here a radio discussion from Arkansas Term Limits Group

Note that in reality, they are also complaining about the uncrimes of the legislature.

Talk about uncrimes, in 1992, 60 percent of Arkansas voters passed an amendment to the state Constitution, which placed term limits of 6 years (3 terms) on the State House and 8 years (2 terms) on the State Senate. The term limits amendment received an even higher percentage of the vote in Arkansas than Bill Clinton did in the 1992 election!

Since the amendment’s passage, aspiring career legislators in Little Rock have not stopped trying to weaken or abolish it. In 2004, they referred a measure to the ballot that would have lengthened term limits to 12 years in each chamber. The voters rejected it in resounding fashion, with a 70 percent “NO” vote.  Here is a link to the Arkansas Term Limits Group.  Please help them with a tank of gas if you can!