Testimony of Patrick Carroll


The VA Dithered

Commander Isaacson Took Action

Written by Patrick Carroll; Edited by Ron Bartels

This is my testimony about how Commander Steve Isaacson  helped me when the VA would not.

For all those who don’t know Mr. Steve Isascson, AKA the Veteran Helper, let me fill you in.

Patrick Carroll

For the past 5 plus year I have been trying to get a veteran claim through the VA system. As of this past May 2014 I had got almost nothing completed after endless frustrating attempts. I knew I had earned my benefits so I did not give up in spite of all the bad news.

The good news was that one day in April, 2014, I came accross hearing how this man could help veterans with their claims. I contacted Mr. Steve Isaacson and told him of my claim and the trouble I was having with the VA.

He asked that I send him some imformation on my claim and he would look into it, and for me to contact him anytime I learned anything from the VA.

During the next three months I kept in contact with him with updates on what I was hearing.

Then all of a sudden I was contacted by VA and informed that I had a C&P evaluation on June 12th.

After the evaluation Mr. Steve Isaacson continued to keep in contact with me, something the VA never did.

About 10 days ago my wife went to our bank to see if my pay check from work had been deposited, the teller gave her a copy with the balance. In the words of the teller my wife turned pure white and they thought she was going to pass out.

What had happen was my claim had been approved and 5 yrs back pay had been deposited to my account.

My wife then came to my work, still looking white, saying you need to go to the bank, there’s something going on with your VA stuff.

Well to make a long story short, what the VA had made into a over 5 yr mess, Mr. Steve Isaacson had settled in 4 months.

When I called to tell Mr. Steve Isaacson, he himself was very happy to learn it was over, when I thanked him for his help he just said was, it was my Honor to serve you.  Next, he said, all I want from you is to take your wife and kids out to dinner, and not to McDonalds. He never charged me a dime!

Mr. Steve Isaacson and his actions for me have renewed my faith in the human race. He is a true Meaning of a Veterans Helper. He is an honest and upfront person. He is a perfect example of what i wish our people who are suppose to represent us in Goverment should be. He is the voice of the little man.

I hope that the people of his state elect him to represent them, its just the right thing to do. So to the people of Arkansas, when you vote for Mr. Steve Isaacson, you will get a true speaker for the people of Arkansas. You will not only get a voice for the veterans but a voice for the people, something we in this nation need more of.

Patrick Carroll

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