Thank You Ann M Wolf For your Dedication to Veterans and your support


Ann M. Wolf is dedicated to Veterans, First Responders. She understands Freedom. I am Honored to have her as a Friend and a Supporter. She dedicates her life every day to say Thank for serving. Thank you Ann for all you do.

Steve Isaacson
Isaacsonforcongress 2016

2 thoughts on “Thank You Ann M Wolf For your Dedication to Veterans and your support

  • We are here to Honor our Heroes but not when they pass but now, and the ones they leave behind. It is our duty as Americans to Honor and help our men and women that have put their lives on the line to protect our Freedom in this great Country, They signed that blank check to protect us from all enemies at home and abroad, So it is our turn to sign a blank check to Honor them and give them the respect they so deserve. To many have been left behind and ignored by our Government and now is the time for that to stop. Elect me as your next U.S. Congressman for the 3rd District Of Arkansas and let us end Washington from sticking their hands in our pockets and looking in our windows. Elect me to go to Washington D.C. to work for you as I am suppose to do, It is not that you work for me. I will not sell my soul to Lobbyist or others. This is your Campaign and not mine. Remember you elect me and I will prove to you that your vote counts. I will

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