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Discussion:  Misleading Political Terms

Fact:  Our nation has been officially in business since 1776.  To date, there has never been a law passed, which was upheld in court, which prohibited misleading advertising by and on behalf of politicians.

Choose a statesman, not a politician

Choose a statesman, not a politician

Misleading political terms are used everywhere.  The intent is to deceive to low information voters.  Politicians know that low information voters are easy to deceive.  The principle they use is to repeat a lie so often that the naive person believes it.

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success. - Source: "War Propaganda", in volume 1, chapter 6 of Mein Kampf (1925), by Adolf Hitler. "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

This is the way the human mind works. This is why propaganda works. This is also why a lie should not join the ranks of free speech unless labeled as exactly what it is, a lie.

Suggested Solution - Pass an integrity in advertising disclosure which permits a "Seal of Integrity" to be displayed if:

  • the ad was peer reviewed and approved by a non partisan agency
  • the ad was certified as accurate and not misleading by a non partisan agency
  • Ads can still be run without a seal of integrity

Why hasn't this not been done yet?

As I understand politics, politicians want to be able to deceive low information voters.  They know they cannot deceive high information voters.  High information voters spot deceptive ads right away and reject them.  The get irritated when they see they.  The vast majority of voters are low information voters.

As a consequence, many high information voters do not vote or only vote part of a ballot.  They leave the balance of the ballot blank.  Many eligible high information voters are not registered for one primary reason.  "They do not want to voter for the lessor of two evils."  That is why when all the candidates lie, these folks do not vote.  Many will not register at all.  Those who you can pressure to register will not show up at the polls.  Politicians who lie want to keep it that way.  Statesmen want full disclosure.

Statesmen do not sling mud. Don't fall for misleading political terms.

Statesmen do not sling mud. Don't fall for misleading political terms.

This means that politics are corrupted in ways that can be remedied.  Think of the situation we have.  Most Statesmen will not run for office because they hate the mudslinging.  Many high information voters refuse to vote when they see mudslinging.  It is time for a change and that is part of what this campaign is about.  Stay tuned as we roll out our plans to attract high information voters who hate mudslinging.  We know where they are and how to reach them.  It takes time and funding to reach them and that is why we must ask for your regular financial help.

Please join the Isaacson Army and chip in $5, $10, $20 or more per month, between now and the end of the campaign.  What you will get for your investment is a candidate who will tell the truth and not sling mud.  You will also get all of the following:

  • Actual accountability
  • Easy communication between you and your candidate, Congressman-elect and later Congressman.
  • You will get regular reports which include a current status report on every issue before Congress.
  • You will get simple actions you can take to influence other members of Congress and the Senate, as well as the president.
  • You will get contact information, if we have it, for everyone who stands against integrity in the public venue.
  • You will get contact information for people and organizations who fail to cover issues you believe in so you can help influence them or call them out.
  • You will get contact information for staff members, paid and volunteer, who are in charge of specific issues.

This is your Congressional Office and Steve Isaacson will treat it that way.  We are here to serve you, not rule over you.  That is a huge difference.  The slicksters in politics deceive voters but serve special interests.  That is what puts the bread in the side pockets and the power behind the closed doors.  Click here to register to vote.  Become a site member so we can keep you up to date and can get special direct access to get your personal concerns dealt with.

Understanding Misleading Political Terms

Understanding Misleading Political Terms

Written by Steve Isaacson; Edited by Ron Bartels

Fact:  Many politicians do not say what they mean, nor do the mean what they say.

Why is it that so many people do not vote?  In particular, why is it that the largest single voting block of eligible, but unregistered, voters do not participate at the polls?

Misleading Political Terms

Spoken Misleading Political Terms (By Groups)

A.  multiculturalism, diversity, fairness, equity, inclusion, inclusiveness, opportunity, empowerment

B.  multicultural, inclusive

C. diverse

D. get the word out

E. community initiatives

F. community organizer

G. community, grassroots

H. federal family

I. community education

J. alliance

K. affirmative action, minority enterprise development, minority business development, disadvantaged business utilization, equal opportunity, diversity programs

L. rainforest

M. carbon

N. wetland

O. the founders

P. ancestors

Q. terrorists

R. revenue measure, deficit reduction, raising revenues, balanced approach, revenue enhancements, balancing, progressive revenue, contribution, inflow, Shared Responsibility Payment, shared responsibility penalty

S. transfer station, landfill

T. troubled inner-city youth, at-risk teen

U. sex trade worker

V. sexual minorities

W. hard of seeing, visually challenged, people with blindness, visually impaired, visually limited, sightless

X. activists, advocates, advocacy group

Y. progressive

Z. vegan

AA. fiancee

AB. urban

AC. "worked courageously"

AD. Aleut, Inuit

AE. Native Americans

AF. undocumented workers, "foreign-born" population, Americans in waiting, out of status, migrant workers

AG. comprehensive immigration reform

AH. reproductive rights, choice, reproductive choice, reproductive freedom, reproductive health care, fetal rights, women's rights

AI. pregnancy prevention

AJ. sexually active

AK. edgy, irreverent, pushing the envelope, cutting edge, hip, bold, smart, sophisticated, offbeat

AL. client, homeless, residentially challenged, street person, disadvantaged, disenfranchised

AM. food insecure households

AN. under-served communities

AO. urban sprawl

AP. targeted spending

AQ. left behind

AR. light pollution

AS. resource extraction

AT. raping the earth

AU. suboptimal outcome, negative gain, deferred success

AV. This is a time to put politics aside

AW. sustainable economy, the greater good, part of something larger, shared responsibility, access, democracy, living wage laws, economic justice, affordable housing, giving back to the community, everyone shared in that success, this will require common effort, earnings inequality, power to the people, the struggle, wealth concentration

AX. sustainable development, environmental rights, corporate pressure tactics, corporate social responsibility

AY. income inequality

AZ. balanced solution

BA. raising awareness

BB. glaucoma

BC. fairness

BD. separation of church and state

BE. unlawful migration, gray employment, informal workers

BF. solidarity, empowerment, join the struggle

BG. judgmental, extremist, hate speech, venom, bigotry, prejudice, the religious right, religious extremists

BH. for the children, it takes a village, for our future, Goals 2000, Agenda 21, socialization, School to Work, Life-Long Learning, Common Core, outcome-based education, behavior modification, leave no child behind, children at risk

BI. social responsibility

BJ. cultural proficiency

BK. giving back to the community

BL. human rights

BM. mainstreaming, inclusiveness, under-represented

BN. community medical services

BO. gender reassignment, gender validation

BP. meaningful coverage, universal health care

BQ. visibility, mobilizing, creative confrontation

BR. direct action

BS. equality, equal rights

BT. watchdog

BU. assault weapons, gun violence solutions, gun shows, violence prevention, cop-killer bullets, senseless gun violence, saner gun policies

BV. infrastructure, community development

BW. women's health choices, women's issues, women's rights

BX. world class, global citizenship, global village, Olympics, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Charter for Global Democracy, International Court of Justice

BY. tolerance, inclusion, acceptance, open-mindedness, understanding

What the Misleading Political Terms Actually Mean

Real Meanings

A. racial quotas, discrimination against whites, special rights and preferential treatment for protected minorities, the exclusion of white males

B. the exclusion of heterosexual male Caucasians

C. non-white, non-Christian, not-Jewish

D. sign up everyone in the lower class for lifetime dependence on the government

E. handouts and services for minorities only

F. agitator, troublemaker, radical, anarchist, Marxist college professor

G. low-income citizens, "victimized" minorities, small parasitic organizations

H. Big Brother

I. spreading propaganda

J. liberal organization, mainstream media, Hollywood elite, big business tycoons

K. racial quotas, discrimination against whites, Christians and Jews, minority hiring quotas, lowered standards

L. jungle

M. carbon dioxide which is food for plants to feed humans and animals

N. swamp

O. the Founding Fathers who did not read the Holy Bible and/or Blackstone's Commentary on the Law, and/or the 1828 Edition of Noah Webster's Dictionary

P. forefathers

Q. Radical Islamist Muslims, and anyone listed in the List of organizations designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups

R. taxes

S. city dump

T. gang leader, juvenile felon, thug, dope dealer, pimp, hoodlum, mugger

U. prostitute, whore, stripper, slut, tramp, hooker, hussy, harlot

V. sexual deviates, perverts, pedophiles,

W. the blind (There is no shame in blindness, so why not just say "blind"?)

X. troublemakers, Tea Party members, John Birchers, Libertarians, Americanists, grassroots conservatives, conservatarians

Y. liberal, radical, leftist, communist, Marxist, fascist

Z. vegetarian, Earth worshipper, Green Peace Activist, tree huggers

AA. this month's roommate

AB. black, member of LaRaza, Radical Muslim who crossed the border illegally

AC. was arrested while picketing, someone who does sit ins or spits at cops

AD. Eskimo

AE. Indians. (Native Hawaiians are native Americans, but they're never called "Native Americans".)

AF. illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, Gitmo detainees

AG. amnesty for illegal immigrants, serfs destined to work under the table for members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

AH. abortion, fetal homicide

AI. promiscuous, sexting

AJ. promiscuous

AK. compliments used to describe vulgar, offensive, profane, brazen, blasphemous or obscene entertainment venues, TV programs, movies or Hollywood personalities

AL. bum, hobo, derelict, vagrant, drunkard, beggar, drifter, tramp, vagabond, panhandler, ghetto momma, baby's daddy

AM. those who are too lazy to work

AN. those who are next in line for a handout but willing to one act of vote fraud for every $20 bill

AO. progress, growth, prosperity, suburbs, commuters, gated communities

AP. buying votes, fascist campaign contributors

AQ. anything that escapes the scrutiny, control, and taxation of the federal

AR. Such an abundance of affordable electric energy that many homes, highways and places of business are brightly illuminated at night. Seemingly impossible in Communist countries.

AS. Drilling for oil, deep sea fishing, cutting down trees, mining, especially for coal, fracking, hunting

AT. Drilling for oil, Cutting down a tree, Hunting, Fishing, Burning wood, Mining, Eating a steak or Lobster, Buying a large automobile, SUV or minivan, Wearing anything made of fur or leather

AU. academic failure, F, zero, hooky player, you flunked or got so confused by Common Core you never came back to class

AV. You put your politics aside and accept ours

AW. socialism, communism, social justice, Marxism, redistribution of wealth, corporate welfare

AX. anti-development, anti-industry, anti-property, anti-technology environmentalism, end new oil pipelines

AY. expanding the government

AZ. increased government power

BA. raising money, leaking your version to the willing mainstream press

BB. legalizing marijuana

BC. higher taxes for the middle class, redistribution of wealth, corporate welfare

BD. the prohibition of Christianity, antisemitism

BE. illegal aliens

BF. anti-capitalism, collectivism, socialism, anarchy, crony capitalism

BG. religious objections to homosexuality, religious objections to abortion, any favorable discussion of conservatism, bible readers who read the King James Version

BH. cradle-to-grave socialism, indoctrination disguised as education, collectivist group-think instead of individual achievement, conformity instead of individualism

BI. high taxes

BJ. amnesty for illegal aliens, affirmative action, special rights for selected minorities

BK. taxing the rich, guilt-tripping a lottery winner, corporate executive, or overpaid athlete

BL. Marxism, socialism, communism

BM. special rights and privileges for minorities, pedophiles and homosexuals

BN. free condoms, needle exchanges, abortion on demand

BO. sex change operations

BP. socialized medicine, ObamaCare

BQ. picketing

BR. violent eco-terrorism

BS. better-than-equal rights, preferential treatment

BT. lobbyist

BU. gun control, banning all gun ownership, disarming the law-abiding populace

BV. increased spending, dependence on big government, rules that only unions can quality to bid on, or favored campaign contributors can bid on, no bid contracts

BW. killing an inconvenient baby, denying civil rights for the unborn

BX. world-wide standards, world government, world-wide socialism, New World Order, secret societies

BY. approval and endorsement of perverse, deviant lifestyles


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