Values and Declarations

Declaration of Values of the Isaacson Army

What We Believe – Why We Exist

We STILL hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Throughout the world, people dare to dream of freedom and opportunity.

The Dream

The Isaacson Army of the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas unequivocally defends that dream. We strive to preserve the freedom given to us by God, not the government, as implemented by our Founding Fathers, and embodied in the Constitution.

What We Recognize

We recognize that the traditional family is the strength of our nation. It is our solemn duty to protect life and develop responsible citizens. If we are called racists because we believe these things, then those who do such name calling do not know what they are talking about. The only race we deal with is the human race in all its many colors and cultures.

What We Understand

We understand that our economic success depends upon free market principles. Government programs create corporate welfare and enrich special interests. Our main interest is the human family, employment for that family and common sense healthcare. The Affordable Care Act destroys the sovereignty of the individual and the family.

The Issue of Sovereignty

If we fail to maintain our sovereignty, we risk losing the freedom to live these ideals.

Take Care of Our Countrymen

Take Care of Our Countrymen

Isaacson Army Principles

We, the Isaacson Army of the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas, believe in this platform and expect our elected leaders to uphold these truths through acknowledgement and action. We believe in:

  1. Strict adherence to the original intent of the Declaration of Independence and United States and Arkansas Constitutions.
  2. The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death. No innocent human life, at whatever stage should be permitted to be destroyed without a trial followed by conviction worthy of execution. Each such person must have an attorney ad litem, without such representation, no proceeding may commence.
  3. Preserving American and Arkansas and Citizen sovereignty and freedom from all enemies, including but not limited to Agenda 21, the United Nations, the New World Order. No rights protected by the constitution may be infringed.  Civil Rights Legislation must be written that punishes any elected, appointed or contracted employee or agent of any government agency for violation of such rights. Upon conviction, the minimum penalty shall be loss of employment, liability for all legal fees and legal expenses incurred by complainant, plus a minimum award of $25,000 to be paid jointly and severally by the person making such violation and the agency. No 11th amendment protection shall apply to this violation of individual civil rights. This legislation shall become part of USC Title 42, of the United States Code.
  4. Limiting government power to those items enumerated in the United States and Arkansas Constitutions.
  5. Personal accountability and responsibility.
  6. Self-sufficient family units, founded on the traditional and legal values, shall be in the interest of our nation.
  7. Having an educated population, with parents having the freedom of choice for the education of their children. The right of a parent to request an equivalent voucher for educational expense, for education, other than public shall not be questioned and shall be equivalent subject to outcome similar to or superior to that of public education. No infringement of religious values, or any other civil right, of any such parent, guardian or student shall be permitted by any governmental agency or agency thereof.
  8. Americans have the right to be safe in their homes, on their streets, and in their communities; and the unalienable right to defend themselves. Such rights shall not be subject to denial by any form of governance except that a person may be restricted by age less than 14 with completion of certified training, restricted by criminal history which reflects the preponderance of one person to cause physical or emotional harm to another or by mental incompetence as determined by a physician and unchallenged. Such person shall have the right to trial at the expense of a government agent or agency requesting such denial of the right to self defense.
  9. A free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies.
  10. Honoring all of those that serve and protect our freedom, whether military or domestic service was or is offered and the service was with honor. In the absence of proof of dishonor, honor shall be assumed by all parties.
  11. And we believe in “The laws of nature and nature’s God” as our Founding Fathers believed.

So Agree We All!

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